Nortel CS1000E Administration Training

Nortel CS1000E Administration Training

Course Overview

This course provides the necessary skill sets for system administration, station administration, performance management or fault management.

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

This course is designed for personnel responsible for administering and maintaining the Nortel CS1K system.

After the Course Delegates Will Be Able To

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

∑ Distinguish between Telephony Manager and System Administration terminals
∑ Perform site, system and user administration
∑ Complete moves, adds and changes using the Station Administration application
∑ Add new extensions
∑ Change extension DNís
∑ Assign DNís to digital sets
∑ Understand Flexible Feature Codes (FFCís)
∑ Create / Amend Pick Up/ Hunt Groups
∑ Create / Amend Call Party Name Displays
∑ Create / Amend Call Forwarding
∑ Create / Amend Speed Dialling Lists
∑ Understand current Call Barring Plans
∑ Use the List Manager application
∑ Be able to Synchronise Telephony Manager with the Meridian
∑ Access and use Overlays

As requested:
∑ Terminal Manager templates (i.e. how to set them up)
∑ what a short hunt key is (LHK)
∑ Explanation of MARP


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Recommended number of attendees

2 people

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