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Nortel BCM1000 Training

Nortel BCM 1000 is a full-featured VoIP Phone System that is compatible with traditional phone lines including T1 and PRI lines. The used BCM 1000 can use your Norstar Meridian Telephones so that if currently own a Norstar Modular ICS or Compact ICS Telephone System you can upgrade to all of the advantages of VoIP functionality and not need to purchase new telephones or learn a new system.

The primary reasons to consider installing a Nortel BCM 1000 Telephone System include:

Ease of Use Telephone Systems now provide an amazing array of advanced communication solutions that are simple to implement and easy to use. Your organization will realize tremendous increased efficiencies and productivity as system features are utilized.

Simple Management Interface The ability control all elements of a multi-site voice system into a simple web based management interface reduces administrative costs.

Application Rich Voice over IP Telephone Systems bring voice and data communication together. Unified messaging combines voicemail and email into one easy to navigate user interface. Your phone system will integrate seamlessly with most CRM applications.

Distributed Call Processing By distributing the ability to set up and manage calls across a network, calls can be shared among employees at different locations including mobile and home based workers. Multiple sites will function as one.

We can offer the following Training Courses for the Nortel BCM1000:

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